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We walked in the hustle and bustle of the market, the smell of spices and cooked dishe, the seasonal vegetables and special herbs. We tasted the dishes that are unique to the Arabic cuisine in Jerusalem. What did you try? Was there Tahina, Fatayers (patisserie stuffed with spanich and sumac) from a hole in the wall? Sanduka coffee with Halva, knaf’e, Baklava? Hummus, Mesabaha, Tatbille?  Mandil, falafel and divine kebab?
Were we lucky, and met Mohammed carrying a pot on his head? Have you tried the dish he is making.
I love this tour, for it never have the same nature, never the same stories and tasting, but always we meet special people, beautiful crafts and stories. If you haven't heard, here you can read the story about the beautiful Zinab (The special candy, Zinab's fingers, as available only on Ramadan time), the donkey of Suleiman the Magnificent, and more.

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