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Lettuce salad with touches of Parmesan

{ About Site }

This site is for all those people I have met over the past few years, those who toured the markets with me; Those who cooked with me or had dinner at my house.

Here you will find:

Greetings from the markets of Jerusalem, Acre or Nazareth.

Recommendations on places I really like in Israel, France, Spain and et.

You will find recipes, some of which you have eaten or made with me, and some of which will appear in the book I am writing.

There are also stories here, some of which you must have heard in my house or in the market.

This website is for you, so that you can remember a place, a story or make a recipe. You are welcome to leave a question in an Email and I promise to answer within a week. The main thing is that we stay in touch.

I'm almost sure there are mistakes in English, and maybe the photos are not professional, but everything that appears here comes straight from my heart, with all the love and passion for food and a real personal connection - to you.



AMECHAYE. The word meaning in Yiddish - delightful, joyful and soul-pleasing

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