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Since I was born in the Galilee, I am especially happy and proud to travel, show and give a taste of heaven in the northern markets. My Galilee is not only green but also blue, so the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea are mixed in the dishes. It is fun to walk the narrow streets of the northern cities, see and taste the rich fishing crop in Acre, hear the goats frolicking around Nazareth and enter a market that smells like a meadow of herbs.
In the old city of Acre we tasted what comes from the sea and the special dishes of the city (had you ever tasted Hummus with cinnamon?), in Nazareth we tasted the herbs of the Galilee, quality meat and amazing Pastries. In between we visited Nahaf, Jish or Kfar Rama. It was a glorious day of the culinary history of the Galilee.

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