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Israeli garlic confit garlic

{ About Me }

I was born and raised in Bustan HaGalil in the days when the world was green and peaceful and life was simple and lacked technology. Not only had computers not been invented yet, we didn't even have a television or telephone at home. My great love was reading. Library was not in the village either, but a mobile library came once a week and was the source of thousands of stories that I eagerly read. Each story ignited my imagination and captured my heart. There and then I understood the power of the story, the worlds that can be reached with it and the healing that lies in it. Today I am still addicted to reading. Two women had a great influence on me: First, my mother, whose enthusiasm for, in fact, everything, for example: birds, flowers, ants building a nest, packing cartons from which we build castles, a week of making decorations for the sukkah - all of these made me follow in her footsteps and become enthusiastic myself about nature, cooking , people, culture and more.

Second, my grandmother, my father's mother, who was the kindest woman on earth and her name is Tova. You can read more about her here.

I studied, served in the Air Force, came to study at the University of Jerusalem, fell in love (first with a man and then with the city) and one day I have asked God to help me find an occupation that would be a vocation and a source of joy. That day I received an offer to specialize in wine, and since then this has been my occupation: wine, cooking, hosting.

And that's how we met. I invite you to wander among the recipes, photographs and stories. I am happy to host you here as well…


Iris saraf
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