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Iris Saraf

Spice Market Dubai
People on Mahane yehoda Market

I never get tired of traveling in markets, in Israel or abroad.
The flavors, the aromas, the people and the colors, all connect to a fascinating mosaic of tastes and stories. Where did we tour together?

Dinner with Friends
Tomatoes in the oven with a spicy bulgul salad
Bruschetta with avocado, tomato and sprouts

Actually, it all started in London (if you were my guest, you have heard the story ...)

It was there I decided to host people who are curious, love unusual encounters, passionate about fine wine, good food and stories.

A table designed for aesthetic and pleasant entertaining
Home cooking workshop, tomato confit in olive oil

This site is for all those people I have met over the past few years, those who toured the markets with me; Those who cooked with me or had dinner at my house.

Curries at Camden Market London
A basket of ripe figs in the Mahane Yehuda market
Fresh fish, anteas and red tuna in the market

This website is for you, so that you can remember a place, a story or make a recipe. You are welcome to leave a question in an Email and I promise to answer within a week. The main thing is that we stay in touch.

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