A story. It is like a powerfull wizard, empowerer, healer and comforter.

As a child I read non-stop and daydreamed about Anne Shirley, Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, who were and remain good friends. I too, like any of us, have stories that have influenced me and became part of my world. I have, like you, the story that helps me in difficult times and lifts me to my feet like a phoenix.

I studied theater at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, then I studied the art of storytelling for three years at Beit Ariela, and since then I have been telling stories non-stop.

Over the years I have collected stories that I especially love and enjoy telling. You will meet my stories in the market alleys, at picnics, birthdays or around a dinner table in my house.







In every gathering  my personal stories are woven, for example: How did I get to Jerusalem?
Where did the search for Emil and the detectives in Berlin lead? Why did the Yom Kippur War really begin? How we survived cat eating in Paris, and more.





Photo: Ben Yuster

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