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Kishk is a yogurt stone, made of dried cooked sheep's milk.


Kishk has dominant and unique flavors. Some compare it to Parmesan or Italian Pecorino. Thanks to its rich and strong flavors, it can be used in almost any dish: salads, soups and pasta, rice and light dished, simple and fine dishes as well.

Kishak is a must in for making Shishbarak or Mansaf.
I really like to add it to zucchini latex, on pasta, sprinklen on beef carpaccio and more.


Let it shine with unexpected combinations: cut purple and very sweet figs into thin slices and put them together like carpaccio. Sprinkle olive oil, grated zest and lemon juice, salt, black pepper, mint, cilantro and kishk. delicacy.


42.00 ₪מחיר
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