Frikkeh is made from wheat grains harvested while still green and smoked. After smoking the wheat grains are separated from the oats, and cooked whole or shredded. The Frikkeh has unique smells and tastes of smoking while cooking and eating.
There are different types of Frikkeh: whole, coarse shredded or thin shredded. This is the coarse shredded Frikkeh.


Use it like rice, until you will learn to appreciate its uniqueness and its uses.

Try this simple recipe: Heat some drops of olive oil in a saucepan, fry one onion (finelly chopped) until golden, add a glass of Frikkeh, salt and pepper, fry-mix for a minute, cover with boiling water and cook for twenty minutes over low heat. Turn off the heat and wait another ten minutes with the pot closed. Eat with chopped tomatoes and yogurt. A perfect dish.

Whole Frikkeh. 500 Gram

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