Leather is a thin sheet and leather figures made from dried apricot puree. This Ledder is made from 100% organic apricot and is incredibly tasty.

It's fun to eat it like this (my mom always preferred it over any fluffy cake) but you can use it in different recipes: chop it, mix it with goat cheese and fill ravioli with it; Chop and add to your fish ceviche; Add to green salad; Combine in grilled chicken stews; Add to meat dishes; Make a sauce for meatballs with onions, lemon and spinach; And more according to your taste and creativity.


This is a gift box of 5 Leder cubes in an ornate pocket from Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Gift: A Bag With Apricot Leder Sweets. 8 Candies

  • Keep in a cool dry place for up to three months

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