Home Hospitality

Actually, it all started in London (if you were my guest, you have heard the story ...)

It was there I decided to host people like me: curious, love unusual encounters, passionate about fine wine, good food and stories.

After ten years of hosting, I realize that this is an extraordinary experience:

both tourists and Israelis leave my house very happy after an intimate yet exiting meal.

This is a once in a lifetime experience that starts with a five-course meal, continues with fine wine and often ends in the wee hours of the night,with grappa and lots of stories that are interwoven throughout the evening.

For example: a winter birthday meal

Focaccia with garlic confit, roasted eggplant with pickled lemon, peppers in sage marinade, goat cheese in black pepper, zucchini Latkes
Drum fish tartare with avocado, pomelo, chili pepper, orange zest, purple onion and cilantro
Green Salad with Peppers Stuffed with St. Maure cheese and Pesto
Chicken liver pate with figs jam
Bouillabaisse with anise, shrimp and grouper, served with rouille crostini

Ox tail stew marinated in lots of wine and juniper

Mashed potatoes like Rabushon's
Leek in white wine and thyme
Green beans with lemon, garlic and olive oil by Yusuf
Fennel with mustard and saffron
Celery with dried cherries, sesame oil and pecan
Cheese platter:  St. Maure, Tomme, Cabrales and Comté with lavender honey, macadamia nuts and apricots
Chocolate mousse with amaretto and amerna cherries
Strawberries with crème fraiche
Mediterranean petit fours:
Home marzipan, dates and nuts with whiskey and red tahini, chocolate truffles,
my Grandma's Cinnamon Cookies, Lemon Marmalade

herbal tea: Sage, hyssop, verbena, lemon grass and Melissa


For Example: My Grandmother Tova's Traditional Dinner

Challah bread with butter and aioli


Chopped liver with home-made pickles

Egg salad with fried onion

Potatoes and Parmigiano Latkes


Chicken Soup with carrot and lokshen


Beef, potatoes and prunes tzimess

Roast chicken and onions with thyme and white wine

Green beans with salt and smoked goose breast

Mizaria - cucumbers, vinegar and dill salad

Green salad with citrus fruits, sesame oil and Dibs (honey made of grapes)


Pear and raisin compote

Chocolate mousse (with orange peel)

These menus for example.


Meals can be changed according to season and cook's desire.

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